PMO104: The World of Cutting, Packing & Placing

104th meeting of the GOR working group Real World Optimization

Herewith, I register bindingly for the 104th meeting of the GOR working group Real World Optimization. Cancellations are subject to a 75 Euro cancellation fee.

For the participants of the workshop, meals, coffee breaks and beverages are offered in the Physikzentrum as a full package at price of 106 Euro per person for Thursday and Friday. Staying overnight in the physics center is usually possible, and we collect reservation options below. Availability of rooms can only be checked about one month prior to the event. In case that no rooms are available at the physics center, you need to arrange your stay at a hotel nearby at a slightly higher cost depending on the hotel. In the physics center, the cost for accomodation per person and per night is 55 Euro (single room) and 42 Euro (double room per person) including breakfast.


Excursion on Thursday afternoon
I want to participate at the conference dinner on Thursday
I agree that my name, e-mail and affiliation are handed out to the participants in printed and mail format
I'd like to give a talk at the symposium

Please insert partners for double-rooms and (if a group member) your institution paying the collective fee.
I've read the Privacy Statement and accept it.


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